Guiding Bankers Through a Proven Framework So You Can Make Your Goals Faster and Easier.

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • How do I compete when there are so many banks and credit unions chasing so few deals? 
  • Do I really have what it takes to be a successful banker?
  • Why do I feel like I'm on an island when I need help?
  • Why am I so burned out from chasing deals? 
  • How can I get customers to come to me, and stop relying on referrals?
  • I've shown them we're a better deal...why won't they switch?
  • Can I have a huge impact in my community and still make my goals?   
You're in the RIGHT place!

Being a banker is very difficult, because there is so much competition for clients from other banks and credit unions. You’re frustrated and unclear what to do next. I spent over a decade developing a selling framework to take control of my career. Today we have helped hundreds of bankers in dozens of institutions take control for themselves.

"I believe having the right system is the difference between your career taking off verses struggling, and that is why I show bankers how to systemize their selling efforts in order to grow quickly with less stress, and still feel good about it."

You can dig through countless books and blogs that have a ton of great ideas, but never seem to quite work for us in banking, or you can get my weekly Windshield Wisdom (it’s free) and you’ll get PROVEN tactics and strategies that guided me through my award-winning banking career. And the best part? I’ll cut through the BS, showing you exactly what works and what doesn’t so you can legally steal my insights and strategies.

My Mission: to educate and empower bankers to have pride in the way they sell, grow, and be great in the communities they serve.  

Finally! A Sales Resource for Bankers. (Find out why we deserve better)


My Story

Not long ago, I was a banker just like you...and I hated it.

Don't get me wrong, I loved my customers, my team, and my community, it’s just that being perceived as “just another bank” in town was infuriating.  We were better, I knew we were, but the message wasn’t getting out the front door. 

So, I started digging for an answer.  I read books, blogs, and podcasts about sales.  I attended seminars and lectures.  I read papers and research on behavioral science.  And I very quickly realized two things…

  1. Most of the information out there about sales is pretty good, but needs to be adapted for an industry like banking, where our regulations and sometimes longer sales cycles can make things messy.
  2. The reason everyone saw us as “just another bank,” wasn’t because of our boring products…it was because we were selling OUR boring products the same way everyone else was selling THEIR boring products.

It was with that realization that I set out to create a better SALES SYSTEM for my team.  A system based on making sure my team was building relationships, not based on a profile form, but centered entirely around saying they “get” what their customer is about.  A system that prioritized having a plan for your prospects and following-up when you say you will.  A system that allowed my team to communicate our real value in language that made the customer FEEL our difference.  And most importantly, a system for earning the customers we wanted, not just the customers we could get.     

Here's the good news, it worked unbelievably well, and my banking career took off.  I was quickly promoted up the ranks, running multiple branches, entire markets, and eventually sales for an entire institution.  Everywhere the system went, the system worked, until one day I realized I could help bankers all over the country learn a better system to grow, and earn the careers they wanted. 

Sales Math was born.   

Now, I run a unique coaching practice helping bankers grow, control, enjoy, and advance in their banking careers by applying the exact proven formula I used.

I generously share it all as a guest on popular blogs and podcasts. I have been featured as an expert while speaking at top industry events. Plus, I currently hosts two platforms that are available for subscription or download on this website: 

  • The Windshield Wisdom Video Blog, dedicated to providing sales tactics and strategies to bankers that cut through the BS, focus on exactly what works and what doesn’t; and
  • The Cool Bankers Live Show, a Facebook live broadcast with questions and rapid-fire answers about sales, banks, leadership, and banking careers based on 15 years of building high-performing, award-winning, branch teams.

Fun facts: I play as hard as I work. My wife and I have 3 boys, spend a ton of time at little league games, at piano recitals, or kayaking near our cabin, and have also been known to bend a musky rod or tee shot now and again.  

" My goal of developing this site, is to provide valuable advice that provides immediate actionable steps you can take right now to take control of your banking career. My passion and drive is to be the #1 sales resource for bankers across the country! "

Thanks for stopping by. You’re welcome back anytime.

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